Development in the Burbury area

History of Burbury Lane

As a young graduate valuer back in the early 2000’s, I distinctly recall being asked to assist my then colleague, the late Roger Stone, with providing advice around the Burbury Ridge subdivision.

The subdivision was at the time a unique proposition, occupying a fringe Havelock North location on a ridgeline affording good views across Hawke’s Bay. The development had some challenging contours but was thoughtfully designed to gradually become less intensive to the rear, more rural top end of the subdivision. The sections sold like hot cakes, with unprecedented demand as the market recognised the quality of the location and subdivision. The housing which followed exceeded my expectations for quality of architectural design, and remains one of the best developments in Havelock North. Subsequent sales in Burbury Ridge have always achieved strong values at the upper end of the price range for Havelock North.

Burbury Lane will complete development of the Burbury area. The design concept continues, with carefully contoured sites and smaller sections toward the lower end of the subdivision, gradually growing to larger sites towards Te Mata Peak, blending in with the surrounding rural residential developments. Whilst most of the subdivision doesn’t achieve the same high ridgeline views that Burbury Ridge does, the land has been engineered to provide a range of attractive sites and outlooks, which we consider should have broad appeal to the market. We envisage the development has good value potential, which can support and justify investment in quality architectural designs.

The location is proven by the success of the Burbury Ridge subdivision, but more broadly, demand in the Te Mata locality has seen some of the strongest value growth of anywhere in Hawke’s Bay in recent years, with many lifestyle sites nearby attracting values well into the seven figures.

Rob Douglas

Managing Director, Added Valuation
Registered Valuer, ANZIV, SNZPI, BBS

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