March 2020 Update: finish line approaching

The first week of March will see the road paved and all curbing completed at Burbury Lane. Feel free to take a drive/walk down there in the weekends as long as no machinery is present, and you keep vehicles to the road or paved areas. Footpaths are also done except a section at the top which needs some steps installed – this is in progress now. All main services are in place and installation of streetlights is underway.

We have a checklist with council of all aspects requiring completion in order for title to be issued and are working through them. This includes such things as landscape planting and sufficient grass┬ácover, so the rain this week has been a great help. (Water restrictions have limited our ability to keep the grass looking green, but the plants along the top of the west bank still look great.) We’re not able to estimate a completion date yet, however we’re nearly there.

Some buyers have asked about final section pegs and dimensions to help with your house design process. This has been done along the back of the flat sections; the roadsides should be done very soon, now that truck movements are largely complete. We’ll let you know when this is done, and look forward to seeing your concept house designs.

Eight sections out of eighteen are now sold subject to title (Lots 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,18). Thanks to all buyers for your patience and confidence in this project – we’ll keep you updated re title timing. If you’re a prospective buyer, please get in touch with Fiona Harper asap (via contact page).



The Burbury Lane team

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